Common Examples of Technology


Technology is the systematic application of knowledge to achieve a practical goal. It is used in a wide variety of fields including medicine, science, engineering, manufacturing, transportation, communication, and daily life. Here are some of the most common technology examples. To understand technology, one must understand what it is and what it does. Read on to learn more.

Information technology

Information technology involves the development, maintenance, and use of computer systems and networks. It also includes the processing of data. Data is information that is collected by computers, and technology is the application of scientific know-how to make these systems and networks more useful. In a business, information technology involves many people with varied responsibilities. Some of these people are involved in programming, database management, and system administration. Others may serve as decision makers in the organization, such as Chief Information Officers (CIOs).

Manufacturing technology

Manufacturing technology is a set of tools that helps companies create products and services more efficiently. These tools can help companies meet the needs of consumers and improve product quality and reliability. In addition to reducing waste and increasing productivity, manufacturing technology can also reduce costs and lead time.

Cell phones

With the invention of GPS and other advanced features, cell phones have become much more than a simple communication tool. Modern cell phones can do many things, from sending emails and checking the weather to taking pictures and playing games. Smartphones have become so powerful that they are replacing many household gadgets.


Computers have become a ubiquitous part of modern society, ranging from the office computer to everyday household appliances. While they were first used for numerical computations, computers have now been used for general information processing. Today, they are able to process vast amounts of data, and they can even route phone connections across a network. Computers can even help businesses create marketing campaigns through social media. This makes computers one of the most powerful marketing devices ever built.

GPS devices

GPS devices use radio waves to determine a person’s position relative to a constellation of satellites. This network includes 31 satellites that orbit the earth and transmit signals to the receiver. GPS devices can determine a location to within a few meters, and many models include data from multiple satellites.

Monitoring devices implanted directly into a patient

Monitoring devices implanted directly into a person’s body provide doctors with real-time data about their heart rhythm. Usually, they are small devices about the size of a pager that record the electrical activity of the heart. The implanted device has electrodes that measure the heart’s electrical activity. The electrodes are attached to the chest’s skin and need to be in good contact with the patient’s skin for proper recording. If this contact is poor, the results can be poor.

Computer servers run business applications

A computer server is a system designed to host business applications. It uses an operating system that is designed to be robust and scalable. These systems can be either standalone or connect to other servers through computer networks. Computer servers store data in many forms, including volatile RAM, nonvolatile tape, hard drives, and solid-state drives.

Impact on the environment

The impact of technology on the environment is a pressing issue. The world is becoming more populated, which leads to a greater demand for natural resources. As a result, resource depletion and climate change are becoming major concerns. As a result, the Paris climate agreement has called for almost all countries to work together to limit the increase of average temperature to less than 2 degrees Celsius. By harnessing technology to improve the environment, we can help combat these problems.