Definitions and Applications of Technology


Technology can be defined as the application of knowledge. The term also refers to the products of such endeavors. Technology is present in many fields and is omnipresent in our daily lives. It helps us solve a variety of problems. Here are some definitions of technology: Instrumental definition, Synergistic relationship between society and technology, and Impact on society.

Instrumental definition

The instrumental definition of technology is one that emphasizes the role of technology as an embodiment of reason and culture in the world. Those who view technology in this way are known as technological enthusiasts. The cultural view of technology, on the other hand, accentuates the creative aspects of technology and the role of the individual in its development.

Synergistic relationship between technology and society

Synergistic relationships between technology and society are a growing area of study. These relationships encompass the symbiotic, co-dependent, and co-producing relationship between technology and society. Since humankind first developed tools, technology has shaped society. Today’s advanced technologies are also shaped by human behavior. Science and technology studies are interdisciplinary disciplines that study the relationship between science and society.

Technology has impacted human life in many ways, including making everyday tasks easier to complete. For example, it has made travel and farming easier and more convenient. It has also made globalization possible. Almost every aspect of human life can be accomplished with the help of technology. Technological solutions can solve problems in one way, and they can also help to create new ones.

Short-lived nature of technologies

While some new technologies can be revolutionary and transform our world, many of them have also posed serious challenges for society. These include job dislocation, market disruption, exacerbated inequalities, and new risks to national security and public safety. While new technologies have many potential benefits, they are also ripe for abuse. Because they are so easy to implement, new technologies are susceptible to disruption from both near and far.

Impact on society

Technology and society coexist and co-depend on each other. There is evidence of this synergy since humanity first started using simple tools. Whether we like it or not, the two have been interdependent. The interaction between technology and society is a primary driver of human progress. Without these two factors, the human race would not have been able to progress.

While technology is generally considered beneficial to society, it can also have adverse effects on certain sections of society. For example, the over-use of machinery in many industries has reduced the need for workers. While this is an overall positive for society, it poses a threat to those with strong manual skills.

Applications of technology

Applications of technology are a broad category of tools that solve problems in the real world. Often, these tools perform specific functions, such as collecting data and storing it in a database. They can also be interactive and allow the user to perform a particular task. These tools are often used by businesses to enhance communication between employees and customers, and to help the process of learning.

The use of technology in education is growing in importance. It has become necessary for teachers to apply technology in the classroom to keep students interested and engaged in learning. The conventional lecture style is no longer acceptable, as it tends to bore students and lower their interest in learning. Educators can now use educational technology to engage students in interactive, dynamic learning experiences.