The Definition of Entertainment and Its Synonyms

The word entertainment has a lot of synonyms and idiomatic expressions. These words have to do with enjoyment, recreation, fun, pastime, production, frolic, and recreation. Whether we’re talking about the television show “The Office” or the latest movie, it all relates to some type of entertainment. And what do we mean by this? Let’s find out! Listed below are the various definitions of the word.


Whether you want to define a word or idiom, you can find synonyms of entertainment online. Some related words include gaiety, celebration, party, and picnic. Besides these, you can find synonyms of entertainment in dictionaries such as Chambers Harrap and Collins Lexibase. Read on to learn more about the definition of entertainment and its many synonyms. If you are having trouble defining a word, consider using the online dictionary to help you find synonyms.

There are a variety of websites that list synonyms for different words, but only a few of them will give you related words. Because many words have different relationships with entertainment, you may see the opposite meaning of entertainment as well. In the news, for instance, the word entertainment can have several definitions, including a variety of different sub-types of entertainment. The following table lists some synonyms of entertainment:


The word entertainment is a broad term that refers to anything that provides amusement or distraction to an audience. The term can be used to describe anything from a Broadway show to a stadium rock concert, a party clown, or even a fight between two friends over a bag of potato chips. The word comes from the Old French word entretenir, which means to hold together. The word quickly came to mean all sorts of activities that kept people entertained. This expanded the definition to include all forms of art, music, and theater.

In addition to news articles, there are literary examples of entertainment that can be used in sentences. For example, in Roman Urdu, ‘entertainment’ may refer to a film or concert. The word can also refer to a variety of activities, including sport, dance, or music. However, when used in literary contexts, this term has an idiomatic meaning. However, in most cases, this meaning will be implied from context.


Many different forms of entertainment can be found in our modern society. From television and print media to video games and live events, entertainment provides hours of fun for all age groups. There are many different ways to enjoy the entertainment available, from traditional games like cards and board games to more modern forms such as video games and live performances. There are many different types of entertainment available, including family entertainment, adult entertainment, and child entertainment. Here are some of the more common types of entertainment:

Music: Music genres vary greatly from region to region. Popular forms of music include country, rock, jazz, blues, and more. Some people prefer music to other types, but there are many genres to choose from. Whatever type of music you prefer, you can find the perfect entertainment for your crowd. Just like movies and TV shows, there are different types of live entertainment to suit any event. The entertainment can be for a group or an individual, and can be prerecorded or performed live.