What is Entertaiment?


Articles About Entertainment

Entertaining means to amuse and divert; to agreeably occupy or divert the mind. Entertaiment often refers to things that are playful or lighthearted, such as amusements or games like a crossword puzzle, but can also have a serious purpose, as in a ceremony, religious festival, satire, or political protest.

A person who provides Entertaiment may be known as a Entertainer or an Entertainment Producer. Entertaiment is abbreviated to entmt in some industries where space is a concern, such as on fliers or industry news publications.

Entertainment can be provided at any scale, from a personal experience that entertains just one person, to banquets or parties of any size, to performances for thousands or even global audiences. Whether it is drama, murders, backstabbing or a fun pop song, Entertainment can stimulate the brain to realease seratonin and dopamine.