What Is Fashion and How Does It Affect You?


Fashion has many levels of interpretation. There is Haute Couture, Ready-to-Wear, and Activewear. Even Fads can be categorized into categories. For example, the upper-class theory states that trends are set by individuals of higher social status, while people of lower social status tend to follow the trends set by the upper-class.

Haute Couture

Haute Couture fashion is a form of high fashion that is created entirely or partially by hand. Often the fashions are embellished with handmade trimmings, notions, and embellishments.


Ready-to-wear fashion is a form of mass-production fashion that focuses on finished garments in standardized sizes. These garments differ from custom-made or made-to-measure clothing, which are custom-made for an individual client.


Fashion for activewear includes clothes designed for sports and exercise. It should be comfortable and safe for the wearer. There are many reasons to wear sport-specific clothing. These include safety, comfort, and practical reasons.


Fads in fashion are trends that appear briefly and then fade away. They usually have a limited lifespan and are often followed by certain groups. For instance, during the 1920s, bright red lipstick, flapper dresses, and dance marathons were all huge fads. Similarly, the 1930s saw goldfish swallowing and Betty Boop. Bikinis were also big fads during the 1940s. More recently, we’ve seen neon and metallic colors become the hottest trends.

Upper-class theory

The Upper-class fashion theory is one way to explain fashion trends. It explains how people of higher social status set trends while people of lower social status follow these trends. As a result, fashion is often seen as a tool of upper-class people to display their wealth and status.


Fashion influencers generate income from brand co-operations and affiliate links. The former are the main sources of income, with the latter consisting of sponsored posts. Influencers are paid to endorse products and pose for photos with them on social media channels. In exchange, they are required to mark the products appropriately.

Style tribes

If you’re into punk rock, gothic style, or hip-hop, you’re part of a style tribe. And if you’re a raver, you’re part of the raver style tribe.