The Basics of Law


Law is a broad discipline that entails several important aspects. These include the rule of law, legal philosophy, courts, and regulations. The main goals of law are to ensure fairness and prevent injustice, while ensuring that people are protected by the law. However, there is a great deal of diversity within the field. Nevertheless, there is a certain amount of overlap between law and informal understandings. This sporadic overlap increases the degree of unpredictability.

Rule of law

The Rule of Law is a concept that governs governance under law. It aims to protect the values of a nation through the exercise of legal process. According to this theory, justice is delivered by impartial, competent, and accessible representatives with the necessary resources and power to protect citizens and communities. The four fundamental principles of the rule of law were developed in accordance with internationally accepted standards and tested with the help of numerous experts around the world.

Legal philosophy

Legal philosophy addresses a series of difficult questions relating to the law and society. It requires the integration of moral, political, and other branches of philosophy. It must also be constructed within a transcendental framework.


Courts of law are judicial bodies that have been established to decide disputes based on the law. There are many types of courts. Some of them are specialized, such as the Integrated Domestic Violence Court.


Regulations of law are legal documents imposed by the government. The regulation is the result of a process called planning. Before the regulation can be implemented, it must be approved by the President and the DPR. The regulations may be in the form of Prolegnas or the Law Draft.


Ethics in law is a code of conduct that sets legal professionals’ duties and obligations toward society and individuals. The Rules of Professional Conduct, adopted by the American Bar Association in 1983, require attorneys to uphold these principles. These rules are not legally binding in California, but the state has similar rules.